Dark Mode

Hello everyone! We would like to introduce the newest feature of MonsterWriter: Dark Theme for MonsterWriter has finally arrived! You can download the new version of MonsterWriter direct from our platform www. monsterwriter. com. Enjoy a new level of distraction-free writing now available in dark mode.

Benefits of Dark Mode

By customizing your device for Dark Mode, the problems regarding your digital habits can be easily solved: eye strains, low visibility in a low-light environment, or screen-induced headaches. With newly arrived color schemes on a darker background, here are the many benefits of using Dark Mode (see [Fd-TBoDM-]):

  • Improved Readability of Text
  • Better Contrast 
  • Reduced Eye Fatigue 
  • Less Flicker (if existing issues)
  • Less Blue Light
  • Less Prone to Triggering Photophobia
  • Can Save Small Amounts of Electric

Configuring Dark Mode

In the Application Menu Bar, simply open View and choose Dark/Light Mode. Then click on one of the following options:

  • System (converts your theme to the already chosen operating system theme configuration)
  • Dark (always using Dark Theme independent of your operating system theme configuration)
  • Light (always using Light Theme independent of your operating system theme configuration)


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