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The most enjoyable desktop app for writing a thesis or paper. Desktop app available for MacOS and Windows.

Browser version coming soon, read more!

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Don't spend time on formatting

You focus on the content and the structure of the document. MonsterWriter takes care of the final appearance of your writing.

Write once, publish everywhere

Export as PDF, LaTeX, HTML, Markdown. Decide at the last moment what template to use. No reformatting required!

Fast editing of large documents

MonsterWriter will not bother you with a slow interface. Even when you write large documents it is super fast.

No need to learn complex apps

MonsterWriter is not for writing letters, invoices, invites, ... Its focus is to be very intuitive to use for articles and scholar text.

Write Your Thesis Within a Distraction Free User Interface

It seems like at every turn MonsterWriter offers you just the tools required for what you are currently doing or planning to do as it offers just the right number of options that are available in a very non intrusive and minimalistic way that you don't even notice [...]

The Bottom Line is that all these things are done in the background like your own team of elves and before I knew it I had downloaded a beautiful PDF in no-time with tables that I did not believe I created SO FAST and it looks & feels so NATIVEShiraz via AppSumo

Easy Insertion of Citations and Cross-References

Press CMD and i to display the insert context menu. In this small pup-up, you can insert a footnote, inline-equation, or reference. Click on ref.

A dialog appears which allows you to

  • cite a source, or
  • cross-reference a section, image, diagram, table, equation, ...

Powerful Export with Automatic Typesetting

Once you've finished writing, the most powerful feature of MonsterWriter comes into play. You export your thesis with a few clicks and configurations. MonsterWriter takes care of formatting your whole document.


For end-user, MonsterWriter is available via one-time payment. You do not have to sign up for a subscription.

Single User $34.99

You pay once and use the app forever.

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Windows, or MacOS

Single User Pay with a Blog Post

Publish an article about MonsterWriter.

Include a link to this website and get a license for free.

Browser Version Free during Beta

Write your papers in the browser and have them on multiple devices.

Coming Soon! Save your spot on the waiting list and get to try it out for free!

Pilot Campus $999.00/Month

For all students and employees of a university.

Be one of the first universities. Only a few spots are available.

Also available via Setapp

If you have a subscription for Setapp, you can install and use MonsterWriter via Setapp.