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The most enjoyable way to write a thesis, paper, article, or blog post.

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Distraction Free & Lean Writing

Focus on Content not on layout. MonsterWriter reduces all wasteful and distractive tasks from your writing process. Never ever again fix the spacing of headings or move around elements from one page to the other! Read more about distraction free writing principles in MonsterWriter.

Automatic Typesetting
Without Knowing What Typesetting Is

Put simply, typesetting is the process of formatting a document to meet the guidlines given by your professor, journal, publisher, book binders, ...

MonsterWriter is using the power of LaTeX to generate a profesional looking PDF output with one click.

The benefit of MonsterWriter is that you do not have to understand how to write LaTeX code. You use the well thought and simple MonsterWriter editor to compose your content and generate a beautiful typesetted document with just one click (shown in the left screenshot).

Anyway, if you want to, you can export the LaTeX source and modify it according to your needs (shown in the right screenshot).

Publish on the Web

Export your writings as HTML or publish it directly on a ghost blog.

If you want to use table of content, footnotes, a bibliography in your posts, MonsterWriter is the easiest way to get this done.

  • Don't manually create a table of content and update all links with every heading update
  • Don't update your footnote numbers again and again whenever you insert a new footnote
  • Don't manually maintain the biblography and cite keys
  • Don't use workarounds to add a caption on a table, image or code section
  • Don't bother with creating tables in Markdown

MonsterWriter is More Than Bold

Use Lists, Tables, Figures, Code Sections, Footnotes, Cross-References, Citings, Tables of Contents, ...

Add Cites & Footnotes

Add cross references or cite external writings and generate a bibliography

Use Markups for an Effective Writing Flow

You can use write small commands at the beginning of a paragraph to transform this paragraph into a heading, title, table, image, code block, ...

Don't worry, there is also a way to do it with the mouse if you do not want to remember the commands.


If you want to become a power user. You may use a build-in cheatsheet to know all shortcuts and markups!