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How to Insert a Tilde Symbol (~) in LaTeX

You can write a tilde (sometimes called “twiddle”) in a LaTeX document by using \(\sim \) or $\sim$ (sim stands for similar). As an alternative you can use \texttildelow from thetextcomp package.

This is a Text containing a tilde symbol $\sim$. It is done using an inline equation.
Listing 1 - Insert a Tilde (~) in LaTeX. You can use an inline equation to do so. Within the inline equation place this "\sim"
A LaTeX PDF containing the tilde symbol

If you want to write a letter with a tilde on top of the letter, you can write $\tilde{x}$. In this example the tilde will be displayed above the “x”. If you want more then one letter below the tilde you can use $\widetilde{xyz}$.

A LaTeX PDF containing the tilde symbol

Inserting a Tilde Symbol Using MonsterWriter

To write a tilde in MonsterWriter simply place the caret into the text where you need to insert the tilde. Press cmd+i on MacOS or ctrl+i if you run on Windows. Click on the small square root symbol of the context menu. Now paste \sim or \tilde{x} or \widetilde{xyz} into the text field for equations.

A LaTeX PDF containing the tilde symbol

Similar Symbols

Approximately Equal in LaTeX

There is an extra command in LaTeX for the Approximately Equal sign which is represented by a tilded equal sign. To make use of it write $a \approx b$ to say a is approximately equal b.